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Computer Graphics Ant Studio offers one-stop full service – from initial design, to final product launch and marketing. Our mission is to help each client maximize the benefit of their marketing efforts with our professional solutions.

We focus on individualized service towards our clients, and only sign onto projects that we can put our passion and focus for perfection into action.


Our Clients

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Performing all sorts of photo shoots from commercial to personal in a professionally equipped photo studio.

Motion Graphics

We offer you professional animated graphic imagery that is done promarily to achieve a specific visual design.


It is a creative field of stagecraft, concerned with the creation and integration of film and motion graphics into the fields of different live events.

Graphic Design

We pride ourselves to fully understand that the face of your design is important as the brand, and want to promote that in all of your efforts.

3D Modeling

This is the art of creating realistic illustrations of products and packaging. We provide a diverse list of 3D design services.


Large experience in printing process management allows us to offer standard typographical services on reasonable prices as well as atypical services of printing houses.


We provide all the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services.


Particular programming of the web sites, systems, data bases and applications for portable devices. 

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Office in Riga

F. Sadovnikova 21
Riga, Latvia, 1009
+371 28237722

Office in Moscow

P. Andreevskaya nab 2
Moskva, Russia, 119334
+7 (926) 666 00 24

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